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Gay men display their own funniest and sweetest hookup reports

Gay men display their own funniest and sweetest hookup reports

A self-described a€?hopeless romantica€? requested his fellow Redditors because of their a€?funny/sweet hookup stories,a€? and you also learn how it is on the web: inquire, and also you shall receive. Here are some of the greatest answers… or, at the very least, the maximum amount of of them even as we can safely reproduce!

The icebreaker

a€?This one hookup I happened to be with was actually getting a touch of for you personally to limber up. The guy best bottomed a few times before and was having difficulties Clinton escort girls quite. … therefore i leaned in and whispered, a€?No homo.’ He made an effort to restrain the laughter but cannot. Often laughter is best method to loosen their bottom part.a€?

The butterflies

a€?I went along to a nice pond to view the sundown with a guy some younger than myself. We discover a wishing table, and I told him that my personal wish had been for your to kiss me, which we performed until a haggard inebriated contacted united states. We returned to his destination where we explored one another and made fascination with 4 hours. Their roomie sooner or later strolled in, therefore we froze for some time and waited for man to fall asleep (in identical space) before resuming. The guy … folded onto myself, in which we held him – around, we butterfly kissed as our very own breathing totally synchronized and we also drifted into sleep. Haven’t seen him since. It had been like a weirdly beautiful desired.a€?

The check-in

a€?I had a FWB in my own latest area who had been fantastic. He is the main reason I found myself able to find familiar with bottoming. Continua a leggere