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9 Things You Should Be Aware Of About Relationship in Korea

9 Things You Should Be Aware Of About Relationship in Korea

Korea was someplace for devotee. Couples declare their particular prefer with matching a€?couple looks’, people as well watch romance-heavy K-dramas and trips such romantic days celebration and White Day enable Koreans to commemorate her significant other. With that in mind, dating in Korea typically abides by some tight unwritten formula; here you will find the best things you have to know.

1. coordinating are cool

When you arrive at Korea, you will definitely probably make fun of at lovers in coordinating apparel. Fast-forward a couple of months, though, and it will surely become a relationship norm. Whether it’s couples T-shirts, partners cellphone problems, coordinating head-to-toe togs, Koreans simply take preferences seriously. So why not utilize it to display worldwide which the boo are?

2. You Should put a band on it

Like Beyonce mentioned, if you love it, your gotta set a ring on it. Korean partners use coordinating rings as an indication of staying in a loyal connection, and it’s really typically familiar with draw either the point where several turns out to be a€?official’ or two’s 100th-day wedding.

3. Hope you would like wedding anniversaries!

And it’s really not simply the 100-day mark you will probably celebrate. Korean people commemorate in 100-day increments checking through the first-day regarding connection a€“ at 100 time, 200, 300, 500 and 1,000 period. Little partners (usually adolescents) celebrate her 22nd day with each other.

4. adorable’s not merely for all the ladies

From using pretty emoticons on well-known messaging app KakaoTalk for you to get inked with an armful of anime tattoos, men are only as pretty because girls in Korea. Continua a leggere