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Firefighter Knowledge Exercise: Perform The Twist: FDC Connect

Firefighter Knowledge Exercise: Perform The Twist: FDC Connect

Not every fire section will encounter flame department connectivity (FDC) within response room. For all departments that are cover suburban and cities, you will confront all of them. FDCs are not just set aside for high-rise buildings. They will be entirely on single-story big architecture, low-rise buildings, and vehicle parking garages.

FDCs are situated on the outside the strengthening at a spot getting obtainable because of the fire section; this can be from the side entrance of this building. Some houses are going to have the FDC placed from the building and located alone like a pressure-reducing valve by street. Whatever the place, they might be made to let the flame division to deliver liquids on the inside for indoors businesses.


There are two main types of FDCs: threaded and storz. The storz type should be an individual inlet of either 4, 5

or 6 inches, depending on the design it self and the department’s specifications with regards to their neighborhood strengthening rule. Using the storz getting a sexless coupling, there isn’t any problem that can occur when hooking up excepting broken lugs about coupling or perhaps the coupling not being perfectly round and somewhat oval, rendering it hard to link.

Problematic that can happen with all the threaded FDC will be the seizing of couplings in the FDC. Feminine couplings can be found on every FDC and invite the male coupling to be threaded inside FDC. With exposure to climate, dust, and corrosion, the couplings on FDC can get up and not free of charge adequate to spin. At these times, a man thread shouldn’t be connected.

The easiest way to lessen this issue is always to twist the hose pipe into the reverse path about five or six period. This turning on the hose pipe enables the hose pipe to untwist into the correct or clockwise movement while additionally enabling the male coupling is threaded in to the feminine coupling without spinning the feminine coupling. Continua a leggere